• James Corden
  • The Lodger
"I love you!" Craig Owens, The Lodger

James Corden, household name of Great Britain, played Craig Owens in The Lodger (2010) alongside Matt Smith and Daisy Haggard. The Lodger was the 11th episode in the 11th Doctor's first series and includes the Doctor having to fit in with normal life. James Corden began his run of fame in Gavin and Stacey, Welsh comedy show and later made advertisements for British football (which is included in the Lodger!) and contributes greatly to Comic Relief and Children in Need amongst other charities.

Corden is set to appear in Matt Smith's second series (series 6, season 11.2, series 32, whatever you want to call it), in the twelfth episode, as revealed in Doctor Who Magazine 433. Daisy Haggard, (Sophie) will also be appearing in this episode which is yet unnamed.

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